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The purpose of a building analysis is to determine the source and root of building problems and damage that may warrant further investigation and repair. Typically, we search for and review all available drawings and documentation pertaining to the job to pinpoint possible trouble spots and perform a brief, non-intrusive visual review. We then discuss the documentation and visual review findings with the parties involved, to advise on whether a further investigation is warranted.


In order to provide our clients with Contract Documents, SGA must first review the scope of repair with the Owner to determine the requirements and budget of the project. In this phase, SGA provides a modified construction scope, schedule, alternative approaches to the construction of the project and develops a budget for the scope of work in association with a contractor for funding purposes.


Contract documents, typically known as blueprints and specifications, evolve from decisions made in the design development phase and describe all elements of the project in specific detail. They are the foundation of any bids or estimates received and are the basis of the Contract for Construction between Owner and Contractor. They are also reviewed by the local jurisdiction (Building Department) for compliance with Building, Mechanical, Energy, Zoning and Land-Use Codes.


In the Bid/Negotiation Phase, we assist in interviewing and selecting a qualified contractor to perform the work. Whether to formally bid a project or negotiate with one or more contractors depends on a variety of issues such as number of interested contractors, level of detail and information on plans, quality and speed of work desired, and current economic and construction climate. We aid in reviewing contractor bids and estimates in order to make certain that the price given represents an accurate and complete assessment of the project.


In this phase, we provide routine site visits to verify the contractor's adherence to the contract documents. These visits generally include a review of work in progress, discussions and clarifications of upcoming work, meetings with various sub-contractors, and a written description (Field Report) documenting these observations and discussions. We typically prepare change orders, review submittals and schedules, and review and approve pay requests based on level of completion. Near project completion, we review all work and produce a "punchlist" identifying all elements and items which require completion or modification in order to conform with the Contract Documents. We provide follow-up reviews as required to verify this work has been completed, review closeout submittals including lien releases, and issue a certificate of final payment.

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