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I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your patience on our project.  I know we had some days that were trying and things we did not expect were the norm of the day.  I think the project turned out very well and this had a lot to do with your wonderful work. Just a simple thank you for the professional work that goes unnoticed and it should not.


Board Representative - Corta Madera

We had our first business contact with the Soltner group when they were investigating construction defects in our building. They were very professional and courteous. 


When it was time to replace our doors and windows at Barclay Court, we chose the Soltner group for our engineering and project management. They guided us through the design and construction process from start to finish.  In my dealings with them, I was impressed by their knowledge and integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend the Soltner Group to others looking for such a resource.


Board of Directors - Barclay Court

The homeowners of 700 Crockett Place have worked with the Soltner Group Architects throughout two phases of a repair project to replace windows and doors and to solve exterior water penetration problems. These two phases spanned about 7 years total. 


As the project manager for both of these phases, I am very happy to recommend the Soltner Group. Our 23 homeowners were very involved in every step of each of these projects. I relied on the Soltner Group to explain (in layman’s language) the problems that we faced, how they occurred and what various solutions were available. Sometimes they did not have good news to tell us, but I always felt that their assessments were based on sound professional advice.


When it came time to select the bidder list, the Soltner Group was very straight forward about the pros and cons about the contractors who do this type of work. They put together a very competent group of bidders and managed the negotiation process.


When unexpected issues arose on the project during the project management phase, the Soltner Group was thorough in their explanations and worked with us to determine options available.


Homeowners don’t like to hear about big assessments to fix water damage. However, if such repairs must be done, one wants to be sure they are done correctly and that the solution is long lasting. The Soltner Group gave us that assurance.


Former Project Manager - 700 Crockett Place

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